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A program for students and recent graduates under 26. Over the course of three months, participants undergo intensive trainings in software development and work on real-world projects.

Whole Program is lead in Learn & Stay formula, that means that the best trainees will get a job proposal.

Why YPP is so unique?

We created a development program for the student that we ourselves would like to participate in. Some of us remembered days, when internships were unpaid, when young developers were left on their own, without the support of much more experienced people. And there were no future for trainees after internship.

That’s why we decided to change that and do our part to make a difference!

Meet the team



Read about me.


Academy Coach

Read about me.


Academy Coach

Read about me.


IT Recruitment Specialist

Read about me.

Kamil Wilkosz, Coordinator

I graduated and first worked as an automation engineer for 4 years. I switched to IT where I have worked for 5 years until now.

My main domain is Warehouse Management Systems, however I worked in the metallurgy domain, with injection molding machines, linear motor systems, industrial robots and more. Also with hardware as the automation engineer.

Our YPPcould be associated with the word: Boost! I took an internship many years ago and I know the value of such programs.
I’m the coordinator of YPP. I take care that everything happens in the right way and at the right time.

I’m a board games addicted player. I feel sick not playing for a longer time! I think it’s a great way to spend time, make friends and grow yourself. I also love hiking. Nothing can compare with the feeling when you reach the top of the mountain.

Rustam Ashurov, Academy Coach

I am a passionate technology enthusiast with over a decade of experience in engineering, data processing, application development, infrastructure administration, and information security. I consider myself an IT geek and proud of it.

At Macrix, I lead the Research & Development Team, unblocking talents of 8 amazing developers. Our primary goal is to craft innovative and successful products that boost our market share and revenue. We strive to integrate cutting-edge technologies and innovations to enhance our products and strengthen our community’s competitive edge.

For example, with our latest product ArconQ, any developer can build world-class applications that are scalable, resilient, and secure. Our solution offers an all-in-one integration platform that handles all the complexities of enterprise-level software development.

As a Macrix Academy Coach, I mentor and inspire participants, helping emerging talents and their technical skills. My mission is to cultivate new generations of skilled and successful developers.

During my free time, I like playing the guitar, hiking and jogging, reading books and playing video games.

Łukasz Hoffmann, Academy Coach

I have been working in IT for 20 years. Half of it (the more interesting one 😊) I have spend in Macrix.

If I have to choose one ‘best project’ then probably it would be project for German brown coal mines. Goal of this project was to provide real – time monitoring and managing systems. It involved both programming of 3d graphics and distributed backend processes. I also had occasion to visit  cosmic, post-apocalyptic landscape of brown coal mines. This really gives some Dune vibes, only without risk of being eaten by sandworm 😊.

What word can I associate with YPP program? That’s the tough one! I think it would be ‘relation’ because it is about building relation between us as mentors and YPP participants. This relation allows them (and us as well) to learn and grow.

My work looks different depending on which phase of program we are currently in. My main occupation is giving lectures and participating in one – on -one mentoring sessions. In final week along with Rustam we are reviewing test projects and participating in evaluation meetings.

In free time I enjoy listening to music (especially discovering new sounds), reading books or taking long walks  in deserted places, close to nature. Luckily my family won’t let me turn into recluse totally. My kids are always eager for Just Dance tournament and I can hit clubs or concert halls with my wife or older daughter.

Claudia Sójka, IT Recruitment Specialist

It’s been 6 years since I have been working in recruitment – mainly in IT field. I joined Macrix 2 years ago (btw the best company I’ve worked for) and I’ve worked both in an agency and in a corpo with 3000 people. I prefer Macrix as you count as a person and have a real impact on your every day’s tasks.

Development is one of the most important things in the IT world, that’s why I’m doing a post-graduate course in Talent Management in Tech Companies at AGH University of Science and Technology. I want to have an impact on the development of our employees.

I’m a small athlete so I like to set myself goals like lifting 100 kg in the deadlift. At work, I share the same goal-orientated approach: to find the right person and close the recruitment process in the fastest time possible – which is not always so easy. I used to search for a PM for 9 months (a long time), but what a joy it was when I finally succeed!

What I especially like in my job is talking to people and discovering their hobbies. Hobby is a cool ice breaker. I should probably start writing down all the interesting hobbies that I’ve been told and share them on LinkedIn. 🙂

One word for YPP? Opportunity! It is an opportunity to enter and develop in the IT world.

My role in YPP: I am recruiting Young Potentials, then I am responsible for their onboarding and supporting through 3- months’ time as a Team Leader. I am conducting 2 feedback sessions with Young Potentials: in the 5th week, and then in 10th / 11th week.

In my free time I lift weights, improve my swimming technique (crawl, I dare You!), walk my dog and spend time with friends.

Young Potentials Program is an unique opportunity for You

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